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This platform is designed for high school students and teachers in Science and Technology. It features basic concepts about genetics and introduces more advanced notions related to genomics. Génome Québec also offers free classroom activities that give students the opportunity to put their knowledge into action.

But whether you’re 7 or 107, if you’re curious by nature, this platform is also for you!

Basic Concepts

The Living World - Secondary 2 to 5

Genomics 101

What is Genomics?

Flight450 minilab in classroom

A learning and evaluation situation
Secondary 3 to 5

Explore DNA in class

Scientific workshops
Secondary 1 to 5

Genomia - Digital game


The tiny world of genomics

Virtual Library 

References, videos, capsules and more!

Careers in Genomics



Genomics from A to Z


A reliable, up-to-date source of information

The platform was designed with teachers and academic advisors to meet the requirements of the Science and Technology program of the Québec department of education. In addition, all the contents and activities were developed with the support of scientific teams.