Explore DNA in class

Scientific workshops for students of secondary 1 to 5

Génome Québec is proud to partner with Let’s Talk Science to offer students and teachers across Québec a series of free activities on DNA and biotechnology.

Through the Let’s Talk Science Outreach program, teachers have the chance to invite a specially trained university student-volunteer to organize and deliver a classroom activity with students.  



DNA Kit: Crime scene


In the context of a criminal investigation, students are introduced to laboratory techniques used in DNA manipulation.

Concepts covered:

  • DNA (structure, fingerprints, replication)

  • Biotechnology

  • Scientific investigation

  • Genetic typing

Tasks involved:

  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

  • Agarose gel electrophoresis

School level: Secondary 3 to 5

Length: 70-90 minutes



DNA 101 Workshop

Description : 

Initiation to basic concepts of DNA.

Concepts covered:

  • DNA and its structure

  • Cell

  • Molecule

Tasks involved:

  • Extracting DNA from a banana or strawberry

  • Building a DNA molecule with candy

School level: Secondary 1 and 2

Length: 60 minutes


Volunteers can adapt the activities to your needs and resources, and even develop a tailored activity for your classroom!


Thanks to our partner